FAQ / User Demo Vu Premium Smart TVs 32 Model 32D6475 / 40 Model 40H40K311/ 50 Model 50H50K311/ 55 Model 55UH8475

1. How to Create WI-FI Network Setup on Vu Smart TV ?
  • Press Setting Button on Remote Control to enter in Quick Setup > All > Network Option > Network Configuration > Modify Connection type to Ethernet or Wireless (whichever service you have)
  • Wireless Setting- You can select an available Wi-Fi network that was found around or set up a new Wi-Fi network. To connect your TV to your wireless network, you need a wireless router or modem. See the illustration below. network-setup-smart-tv.jpg
  • Scan - Automatically search and display a list of available wireless networks around. Press the [▲/▼] buttons on remote to select the network (SSID) you wish to connect to. Enter the password to connect. If the selected network is not security-enabled, the TV will attempt a connection right away. If the desired wireless router doesn't appear in the list, please select Add Network from Advance Setting option.
  • Add network - Manually enter the network's SSID and password to connect the network. Now your Wifi Network is set. You will get wifi connection icon at Right top side on main Home Screen
  • You must use the TV’s built-in Wireless LAN Adapter to use a wireless network.
  • If the wireless router supports DHCP, your TV can connect more easily to the wireless network.
  • If you apply a security system other than the systems listed below, it will not work with the TV.
  • Security system: WPA,WEP,WPA2.
  • In order to guarantee smooth network, the distance between router and TV is less than 10 feet.
2. How to Create Ethernet Network Setup on Vu Smart TV ?
  • LAN (Wired setup) - Connect your TV to your network by connecting the LAN port on the back of your TV to an external modem or router using a LAN (Ethernet/Cat 5) cable. See the illustration below.
  • We recommend to use a modem or router that supports Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). Modems and routers that support DHCP automatically provide the IP address, subnet mask, gateway, and DNS, so you don’t have to enter them manually. Most home networks already have DHCP.
3. How to used Smart Function using Remote Control ?
  • Vu Premium Smart TV is Opera web based Smart Operating System.
  • Home Button : Press Home button on Remote Control > You will find smart User Interface with four category Ex – Premium Apps / My Apps / Media / Input’s & Anyview Cast
  • App button : Fast access to all the applications
  • Navigation Key : Use Remote Control Up-Down-Left-Right Navigation key and OK key to operate Smart function
  • YouTube Button: Get instant access to YouTube app by simply click on button
  • NETFLIX Button: Get instant access to Netflix app by simply click on button
  • smart-remote.jpg
4. Getting familiar with the SMART Home screen ?
  • The simple design of the Home screen menu makes it easy to navigate. It accesses Premium, My Apps, Media or Inputs.To access the Home screen, press the [Home] button on your remote control and use the arrows buttons to make your selection.

  • 1 .Indicators and Icons on the top of the Home screen You can always view the current time in the top right corner of the Home screen. If your TV is connected to the Internet through a wireless connection or an Ethernet cable, then an icon will display in the top right corner of the screen. This location makes it very convenient for you to determine if you still have Internet connectivity as you use the TV. In addition, if you have connected a device (such as a thumb drive) to a USB port and your TV recognizes it, then a device icon will also display in the same area.
  • 2. The Premium applications appear on the Home screen When you access the Home screen, you can enter Premium, the recommended applications display on the screen. You can quickly enter these applications what you want.
  • 3. The navigation bar appear on the Home screen Press the [ / ] buttons to select icons of the navigation bar, you can enter to Premium, My Apps, Media and Inputs. .
5. How to use Browser ?
  • The TV Browser allows you to surf the Internet on your TV and provides quick access to the Google™ search engine.

  • To view a website or search using the TV Browser:
  • Make sure Your have connected Vu TV to Internet and it is working properly.
  • Using the Navigation buttons on your remote, navigate to TV Browser icon.
  • Press [OK] on your remote. The browser window displays.
  • Using the navigation buttons on your remote, navigate up to the URL bar to place your cursor there.
  • Press [OK] on your remote to bring up the on-screen keyboard.
  • Type the website address or search term on the text field.
  • Press the [Blue] special function button towards the top of the remote (under the number pad). The website address or search term you've typed populates in the URL bar window.
  • Select the forward arrow (to the right of the URL bar) and press [OK] on your remote to load the page or start the search You can also use external wire or wireless Keyboard and mouse connect to USB port of TV. smart-screen.jpg
6. How to Install an App – Opera Store ?
  • Opera TV store Contain cloud based apps optimized for your TV. The app range from Video, Music, Social Networking, Games and News information.

  • The most popular apps appears at the top od the Apps home screen in the Hot application section.

  • Even through your TV has numerous factory-installed apps, there may be others that you’d like to download.

  • To install an app-

  • From the Home screen, Click on the Opera TV Store icon.
  • Navigate to the Search tab at the top of the screen.
  • Begin typing the name of the app. As you begin typing the first two to three letters the Opera Store suggests words to quicken your search time.
  • Use the navigation buttons of your remote to select the app. The page open that shows a written description of the app.
  • Click on Add to Favorites. smart-screen.jpg
7. How to Remove an App ?

You can only delete apps that you've downloaded to the TV. Factory-installed apps can not be deleted.

To delete an app:

  • 1. From the My Apps screen, use the directional arrows on the navigation buttons of your remote to select the app that you want to remove.
  • 2 .Press the [Red] on your remote control.
  • A dialog message displays that asks if you're sure you want to remove the app.

  • 1 .Press [OK] on your remote.
    A confirmation message displays and the icon is removed from the My Apps list.
  • NOTE: If an app is deleted, the information related to that app is also removed.

    Moving App Icons around
    Select the app you want to move, then press the [Green] on your remote control and press [ / / < / >] to change order.

    NOTE Apps may be updated without prior notice, please take the actual as standard. Some applications may not be available, depending on your TV series and the area you are.

8. TV support Software Updates ?

The Software (also referred to as firmware) is part of what powers your TV. We will provide software updates to continuously enhance your TV and correct any issues that may impact your experience, therefore, we recommend that you keep your TV connected to the Internet to automatically receive updates when they are available.

You can choose to receive updates automatically or check for software updates and install them manually.

9. How to Play YouTube ?
  • Vu Smart TV allow to connect YouTube video streaming without hassles of smart operation
  • Before playing any online video, please make sure you have connected Vu TV to Internet.
  • Your Network speed should be good enough to play streaming video. We recommended minimum network speed should be 800kbps for SD video
  • Press Shortcut button of YouTube on Vu Remote control which will open Home page of YouTube. smart-screen.jpg
  • Press Right click on Remote control for YouTube setting page where you find Sign-in, Search, Home, Setting and Best of YouTube content.
  • To search your favorite content select Search button, you will find virtual keyboard on the screen > Type your content details > press OK.
  • Built-in HEVC decoder help to play FHD video streaming from YouTube without buffering the data. smart-screen.jpg
10. Discover on launch ?
  • It takes short time when the users start the YouTube/Netflix. And users can press YouTube/Netflix button to turn on the TV and enter the YouTube/Netflix app.
  • Support the DIAL (Discovery And Launch) from Youtube/ Netflix. Users can push the videos from YouTube/Netflix broadcasting on the smart phone or Pad to the TV to watch, and then use the smart phone or Pad for other items.
  • Connect Vu smart TV & your Mobile/ Tablet to same wifi network
  • Go to the YouTube app on Vu smart TV
  • Under YouTube "Settings" find the "Pair Device" option & note down the pairing code.
  • On your mobile/Tablet > open the Youtube > press icon to display your video on TV
  • Enter the pairing code shown on the TV into the box below.
  • Click the icon to select the display on which your video will play smart-screen.jpg
11. How to Connect Mobile phone to Vu TV Wirelessly – Any View Cast ?
  • Any view cast is an app that enable you to share or cast a video, audio or image from your Android based device to the TV
  • Once the TV is switch ON, Press Setting button on remote control > go to Network Configuration > Enable Internet Connection > Set Connection Type to Wireless.
  • Press Home button on Remote Control > Go to Input Option > Select the Anyview Cast App and wait to connect external device.
  • On your Mobile phone > go to Setting option > go to Connectivity or search for options like Screen Mirroring/ Anyview Cast/ Miracast/ WiFi Display etc. Note: Some Android based device may not support casting.
  • Turn ON Screen Mirroring/ Anyview Cast/ Miracast/ WiFi Display on your mobile device > Select Smart TV.
  • Wait for few second to creating the connection on Vu TV.
  • After connection is set to rotate mobile phone on Vu TV go to setting option on mobile phone > Enable Auto Rotation.
  • smart-screen.jpg
12. How to use MHL ?
  • Make sure your Mobile Phone having MHL function.
  • Purchase standard MHL cable (Make sure your MHL cable is compatible with Mobile and TV, as there are many local MHL cables are not work properly due to quality issue of cable).
  • Enable MHL out put of your Mobile Phone from Phone Setting option.
  • Enable MHL input of Vu TV from menu setting option.
  • Connect one end of MHL cable i.e. Micro USB to Mobile phone
  • Connect Another end of MHL cable i.e. HDMI to TV HDMI-1 port (which is support MHL function) Now you are ready to use mobile mirroring output on Vu TV.

HDMI to MHL Cable

13. Connectivity – Input Source
  • Vu TV having different ports connectivity to connect your external devices like Setup box, DVD player, USB drive, Media player etc.
  • Ports - Built-in Wifi, Ethernet Port, USB X 2nos, HDMI 1 (MHL), HDMI 2 (ARC), Optical Audio Out, AC Input, Headphone, RCA X 1no, Component x 1no, RF x 1no (Note 50” & 55” TV having 3no’s HDMI port)
  • Please see below image for reference. smart-screen.jpg
14. How to play Media from External USB device
  • Connect your USB device (Pen drive / Portable Hard Disk supported up to 500GB) to the TV USB port. The TV automatically detects it and displays a device icon in the top right corner of the Home screen. Press home button on remote > go to Media > you can see the panel that appear displays four panel All, Picture, Video, Music.

  • Due to difference in programing tools and other factors, some of the file format that may or may not be supported from USB drive – Video: TRP, M2TS, MKV
  • While Viewing Video you will see a number of icons appear at the bottom of the screen. You can use the navigation buttons of your remote to select these icons that will control the video. smart-screen.jpg
15. Game Centre
  • Vu provide the game portal with bunch of light weight games. Providing 30 games with 720P resolution in 4 Genres. How to play Games?
  • Make sure TV is connected to Internet using Wifi or Ethernet.
  • Press Home Button on Remote Control > Go to Premium App > Select Game Centre > OK
  • You will find 4 category of Games i.e Arcade, Puzzle, Board, Cards > Select the game you want to play
  • Use remote control UP/Down/Left/Right navigation & OK key to play the game.
  • smart-screen.jpg
16. What is mean by dbx-TV sound ?

The dbx TV sound technology delivers the best possible audio experience from Vu TV. It contain Total Sonic, Total Surround, Total Volume.

Total Sonics: Total Sonics is a complex suite of DSP audio enhancement technology optimized for application to television audio systems.

Total Surround: It immerses viewers in the sound field, putting them right in the middle of the action. Total Volume: Total Volume automatically regulates sound volume to suit the listening conditions. Total Volume acts like a smart hand on the remote control

Total Volume

: Total Volume automatically regulates sound volume to suit the listening conditions. Total Volume acts like a smart hand on the remote control

How to used DBX Sound ?

Press setting button on Remote Control > Go to All > Go to Sound > dbx-tv Audio Enhancement >

Enable Total Sonics

Enable Total Surround

Keep Total Volume to Normal Mode.


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